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  • Abraham Lincoln [ people ]

    The 16th President of the U.S., was born in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky on February 12, 1809.  Widely considered one of America’s most influential presidents,  he is memorialized in stone on Mount Rushmore. Lincoln was homeschooled and learned to read from the Bible,  and used Bible phrases extensively in his speeches throughout his Presidency. He is considered the most eloquent writer of any American president in history thus far, and one of the very few whose faith developed and grew while holding high public office. Maintaining integrity and good character was his high objective, and “Honest Abe” became his nickname. He led his country through its greatest crisis, the American Civil War, abolished slavery and built a Republican Party coalition that dominated the Third Party System. By his inauguration in March, 1861 seven Southern states had seceded from the Union. At first, Lincoln made the war about maintaining the union so as not to offend the loyal slave states. But eventually, he shifted the cause to abolishing slavery and on January 1st, 1863 Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. On April 14, 1865, John Wilkes Booth shot the president at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C.Continue reading
  • Adam Weishaupt [ people ]

    As the founder of the secret society called the Illuminati, he's been called many things. The Abbe Barruel called him "a human devil." Thomas Jefferson called him "a harmless philanthropist." Prof. John Robison called him "the profoundest conspirator that ever existed." But what's the real story behind the man who simply called himself "Brother Spartacus?" Illuminati defector 'Svali' said: “Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati they chose him as a figurehead and told him what to write about. The financiers, dating back to the bankers during the times of the Templar Knights who financed the early kings in Europe, created the Illuminati. Weishaupt was their “go fer”, who did their bidding.” Adam Weishaupt was born on February 6, 1748 in Ingolstadt, a city in Bayern (Bavaria), Germany, which was then an independent kingdom. When he was a baby, his parents, who had been Orthodox Jews, converted to the Roman Catholic Church. Instead of attending the yeshiva, Adam attended monastery schools and later a hochschule (high school) run by the Society of Jesus.Continue reading
  • Al Gore [ people ]

    American politician, crony capitalist, and environmental charlatan who served his globalist puppet masters as the 45th VP of the US from 1993 to 2001. Gore was Bill Clinton's running mate in their successful campaign in 1992, and the pair was re-elected in 1996. Near the end of Clinton's second term, Gore was selected as the Democratic nominee for the 2000 presidential election but lost the election in a very close race after a Florida recount. After his term as VP ended in 2001, Gore would later receive a Nobel Prize and an Oscar for falsely claiming that humans cause global warming. Twelve plus years after the release of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, none of the film’s dire climate change predictions have come to pass. However, in the decade since the documentary was produced, its creator has raked in millions of dollars from the entire “global warming” scam, and is now poised to become “our first carbon billionaire.” Continue reading
  • Albert Einstein [ people ]

    (1879 -1955) Today revered as “the Father of Modern Science”, his wrinkled face and wild hair has become a symbol for scientific genius and “his” famous E=MC2 equation is repeatedly used as the symbol for something scientific and intellectual. And yet there has for years been mounting evidence that Time Magazine's 'Person of the Century' was nothing but a con man, lying about his ideas and achievements, and stealing the work and the research of others. Continue reading
  • Alexander Hamilton [ people ]

    (Jan 11, 1755 - July 12, 1804) An American statesman and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U.S. Constitution, as well as the founder of the nation's financial system, the Federalist Party, the United States Coast Guard, and The New York Post newspaper. As the first Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton was the main author of the economic policies of George Washington's administration. He took the lead in the Federal government's funding of the states' debts, as well as establishing a national bank, a system of tariffs, and friendly trade relations with Britain. His vision included a strong central government led by a vigorous executive branch, a strong commercial economy, a national bank and support for manufacturing, and a strong military. Thomas Jefferson was his leading opponent, arguing for agrarianism and smaller government. (Wikipedia) Continue reading
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [ people ]

    A socialist NWO puppet politician who was formerly a Bernie Sanders presidential campaign organizer and was propped up by Billionaire George Soros to run for the House. As an underdog, she won the Democratic primary in New York's 14th congressional district in 2018, defeating the 10-term incumbent, Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley due largely to her online presence. The NY Times reported "Members linked to Soros-funded digital media asked Ocasio-Cortez... to run for office - guaranteeing favorable coverage by a media network that reaches almost 300 million people monthly (Soros-funded The Media Consortium)." Cenk Uygur, a member of the Soros funded media, founded Justice Democrats with the sole role of getting “Sanders-like” politicians elected to Congress. Continue reading
  • Alfred Kinsey [ people ]

    (Jun 23, 1894 – Aug 25, 1956) Known as “The Father of the Sexual Revolution,” he set the stage for the massive social and cultural upheaval of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with his 1948 Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and his 1953 Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Dr. Judith Reisman (whose research has since been confirmed time and time again) explained in her ground-breaking work Sex, Lies and Kinsey that Kinsey facilitated brutal sexual abuse to get his so-called research: "Kinsey solicited and encouraged pedophiles, at home and abroad, to sexually violate from 317 to 2,035 infants and children for his alleged data on normal “child sexuality.” Many of the crimes against children (oral and anal sodomy, genital intercourse and manual abuse) committed for Kinsey’s research are quantified in his own graphs and charts.Continue reading
  • Alfred Rosenberg [ people ]

    (12 Jan 1893 – 16 Oct 1946) A Baltic German architect, politician, theorist, and Nazi Inner Circle Party Member, closer to Hess and Himmler than Hitler, Goebbels or Speer who often mocked him in private as the "Party Philosopher" (Albert Speer: "Infiltration"). Awarded the National Prize (German Nobel prize equivalent) in 1937. Born in Estonia and fled to Germany after the "Reds" took over which he and other "Whites" continually lobbied Hitler to reverse by invading Russia. This Eastern contingent of ethnic Germans and others who fled Lenin and Trotsky formed one of the key groupings in the inner circle of the party, paralleling other exile communities in history such as the later Miami Cuban’s for the virulent fervor of their anti-communism. (Toland: "Adolph Hitler")

    Rosenberg’s mystical work "The Myth of the Twentieth Century" was as important if not more so than Hitler’s Mein Kampf as setting the party line in it’s radical line to deal "once and for all" with the "Judeo-Bolshevik Menace", as was his roll as Master Propagandist as publisher of the Party Newspaper "The Volkischer Beobachter" (Speer: "Inside the Third Reich").Continue reading

  • Alger Hiss [ people ]

    (Nov 11, 1904 – Nov 15, 1996) was a high-ranking U.S. State Department official and Secretary-General of the United Nations founding conference. He was convicted of perjury in 1950 after denying involvement in Soviet espionage. Hiss partisans and many on the ideological left for many years hotly disputed the jury’s verdict in the case, putting forward a variety of conspiracy theories. The overwhelming consensus among historians today is that Hiss was guilty, as confirmed by the unanimous report of the bipartisan Moynihan Commission on Government Secrecy in 1997. (Conservapedia) Continue reading
  • Allen Dulles [ people ]

    (Apr 7, 1893 – Jan 29, 1969) A Princeton man and white shoe corporate lawyer who served as Secretary of State, an attorney for Standard Oil, a longtime board member of the Rockefeller Foundation, and maintained strong ties to the Council and to the Rockefellers. After starting the CIA's predecessor, the OSS, he was the first CIA director from 1953 to 1961 - which is still the longest tenure in agency history for arguably its most powerful director. Born into a wealthy and influential family, he spent most of  his life serving the interests of America’s power elite, the true ruling class of the country. Dulles created the OSS / CIA as a government-funded, PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL POLICE FORCE which watched over the investments and interests of the rich.Continue reading
  • Amerigo Vespucci [ people ]

    (1454-1512) He was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer who played a significant role in the establishment of America. He was the first to establish that America was a new continent and not a part of Asia. Amerigo’s legacy is not only his name, but in his dignity and devotion to the divine. Amerigo had believed for years before any actual discovery that there was a New World. ‘Those new regions which we found we may rightly call a New World.’ Unbeknownst to Amerigo, the New World was to be given his name. A group of scholars at the university of St. Die in Lorrain obtained copies of Amerigo’s letters to Piero and published them. In the ninth chapter of the book ‘’Cosmographie Introduction’’, one of the scholars suggested naming the New World America... Read More... Continue reading
  • Andrew McCabe [ people ]

    Comey’s right hand man and Deputy Director of the FBI, he was referred to as “Andy” in the many text messages between FBI Agent Peter Strzok and McCabe’s special assistant/DOJ Attorney Lisa Page.  McCabe had a role in crafting the “insurance policy” in the event Mr. Trump was elected, as did Comey.  AG Sessions fired McCabe for lying under oath during his time in the FBI—as is painstakingly documented in the Report of the Inspector General of the Department of Justice.  Upon issuance of the Inspector General’s additional reports, we would not be surprised to learn that McCabe had interview reports (FBI 302s) altered to facilitate Mueller’s “investigation” and targeted charges.  McCabe is now under criminal investigation.  It’s remarkable he has not yet been indicted.1 Continue reading
  • Andrew Weissmann [ people ]

    A globalist, dirty American attorney ("Mueller's pit bull") who, in 2015 was the proverbial fox guarding the hen house as chief of the criminal fraud section of the U.S. Dept of Justice. He attended Hillary Clinton's election night party in 2016, and was one of several officials told by then-DOJ #4 Bruce Ohr prior to the DOJ obtaining a FISA surveillance warrant that the 'Steele Dossier' was opposition research connected to Clinton and might be biased. In June 2017, the avid anti-Trumper (as exposed by Judicial Watch FOIA requests of Weissmann texts) was appointed to a management role on the 2017 special counsel team of 16 (with zero republicans) headed by Robert Mueller and the chief architect of the failed coup to oust President Trump. Former head of the Enron Task Force, Weissmann was notorious for running rough-shod over everyone in his path.  He destroyed Arthur Andersen and its 85,000 jobs by indicting the company—only to have the case reversed by the Supreme Court nine to zip.  Then he turned his sights to Merrill Lynch executives.  He, Kathryn Ruemmler and Matthew Friedrich made up crimes, hid evidence, lied to the court and jury, and sent four innocent men to prison for up to a year on their concocted case.  Weissmann is famous for prosecutorial terror tactics like the pre-dawn raid on Paul Manafort’s home, adding charges of obstruction of justice, and finding various ways to impair a defendant’s ability to mount a defense. Continue reading
  • Angela Merkel [ people ]

    a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and leader of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000; since 24 October 2017 she and her Cabinet continue as the acting government until a new government is formed. Merkel has been widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union, the most powerful woman in the world, and the leader of the Free World. Born in the D.D.R., the Communist portion of Germany in 1954. Her biography says she was born on July 17, 1954, and that she is the daughter of a Lutheran minister from an East German-controlled church. However, Soviet KJB archive files reveal an entirely different story indicating she was born on April 20th (Hitler's b-day) according to the records of German Dr. Karl Klauberg, recognized as the father of artificial insemination who had also preserved Hitler's sperm. Continue reading
  • Argula von Grumbach [ people ]

    About 260 miles south of Martin Luther’s Wittenberg, a noblewoman who had converted from Catholicism reading Luther’s work. She corresponded directly with him throughout the remainder of her life and was one of the few visitors Luther allowed to see him when he was seeking protection in the Coburg castle. Remarkably, Argula became the first female lobbyist of the Reformation. She even attempted to arbitrate between Lutherans and Zwinglians at the Diet of Augsburg in 1530, arranging a meeting between Melanchthon and Martin Bucer. Her Reformation résumé was truly spectacular, especially for a woman at the time. But perhaps more impressive were her public writings.

    Continue reading
  • Ayn Rand [ people ]

    (1905-82) Controversial US author (The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged) born in Russia and an eyewitness to the horrors inflicted by the Bolshevik Revolution. By the time she emigrated to America in 1925, her core beliefs were established. In the foreword to her first novel, We the Living, Rand wrote: “When, at the age of twelve, at the time of the Russian Revolution, I first heard the Communist principle that Man must exist for the sake of the State, I perceived that this was the essential issue, that this principle was evil, and that it could lead to nothing but evil regardless of any methods, details, decrees, policies, promises and pious platitudes.” Free market capitalism, she believed, was the only system consonant with man's rational nature. While a strong advocate of capitalism and individual rights (including property rights), Rand also advocated reason as the only means of acquiring knowledge and rejected faith and religion; supported rational and ethical egoism and rejected altruism. Continue reading
  • Barry Goldwater [ people ]

    (Jan 2, 1909 - May 29, 1998) was a U.S. Senator (1953–65 and 1969–87) and the Republican nominee for President in 1964. He reinvented the Republican Party after the defeat of Richard M. Nixon in 1960, benefiting from a national grassroots conservative effort that overcame the Eastern liberal Republicans and Nelson Rockefeller in 1964. Goldwater was strongly anti-communist and called for a rollback of its influence around the world, asking, Why Not Victory. He called for an end to liberal domestic policies as supported by the New Deal Coalition. Goldwater was defeated in a sweeping landslide in 1964 by incumbent Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson. Goldwater lost the leadership of the conservative movement to Ronald Reagan, but returned to the Senate where he continued to support a strong defense. Unlike libertarians, Goldwater was hawkish on foreign policy, and Goldwater became irrelevant in his later years as he criticized social conservatives like Jerry Falwell. He was a commentator for CNN in its early years. Read more at Conservapedia... Continue reading
  • Benjamin Franklin [ people ]

    Benjamin Franklin was America’s scientist, inventor, politician, philanthropist and business man. He is best known as one of our Founding Fathers and the only one who signed all three documents that freed America from Britain: The Declaration of Independence. The American Constitution and The Treaty of Paris. Franklin was born in a middle class family on January 17, 1706 in the City of Boston, he was the 15th of 17 children and the youngest son. With only 2 years of formal education he rose to the highest level of society. However he was rooted in reality and always acknowledging his background and, as in the opening of his will and testament, referring himself as “B.F. of Philadelphia, Printer”. He had the talent of being at ease with any company, from tradesmen to scholars, merchants and the European elite. Continue reading
  • Benjamin Rush [ people ]

    (January 4, 1746 – April 19, 1813) was a Founding Father of the United States and is known as the “Father of American Medicine." Rush lived in the state of Pennsylvania and was a physician, writer, educator, humanitarian, as well as the founder of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania and helped found 4 others. Rush signed the Declaration of Independence and attended the Continental Congress. He was a founding member of America’s first Bible Society, is credited with helping begin the American Sunday School movement, helped organize America’s first Anti-Slavery society and was a leader in the national abolition movement. He held multiple university professorships, and is properly titled “The Father of Public Schools Under the Constitution,” being an advocate for free public schools for all youth. He published the first American textbook on chemistry and was active in the Sons of Liberty in Philadelphia. Continue reading
  • Bernie Sanders [ people ]

    (born Sept 8, 1941) An American politician who has served as the junior U.S. Senator from Vermont since 2007. Vermont's at-large Congressman from 1991 to 2007, he is the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history and a member of the Democratic caucus. Sanders ran unsuccessfully for the 2016 Democratic nomination (stolen by Hillary) for president and is running again in 2020. Sanders, a 2020 candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, has denied ever being a member of the communist SWP. But The Washington Examiner found his ties to the party are “deep and enduring.” He took several “goodwill” trips not only to the USSR (where he took his 2nd wife on their honeymoon), but also to communist Cuba and Nicaragua where he spoke at the 7th anniversary of the violent Sandinista Revolution in 1985. Continue reading
  • Bertrand Russell [ people ]

    The established media tend to portray him as one of the great `thinkers' of the 20th century and to some extent he was, but he was also a key strategist for the Illuminati. Unwittingly or not, Russell helped lay the groundwork for many of the elite's designs for the last century and beyond. An outspoken atheist, Russell did much to popularize and promote atheism in the 20th century as he was the author of more than sixty books and over two thousand articles. And although he is generally regarded as a philosopher and peace campaigner, his ideas about both society and the individual's role within it are intrinsically geared toward totalitarianism, arguing for a "scientific society" and a "single supreme world government" able to enforce peace. Many of today’s problems can be associated with his influences such as: abortion, contraception, homosexuality, promiscuity, population control and threats of a one-world government. Continue reading
  • Betty Friedan [ people ]

    (Feb 4, 1921 – Feb 4, 2006) Feminist icon credited with starting the modern-day feminist revolution. Her private life defined her radical ideology as demonstrated throughout her writings, particularly her most famous book, “The Feminine Mystique” (1963). Friedan’s book essentially sanctioned the wholesale sacrifice of being a wife, motherhood and children on the altar of abortion and careerism presided over by the all-powerful Marxist State. Friedan founded two important radical organizations that paved the way toward legalized infanticide. In 1966, Friedan was a cofounder of NOW (the National Organization for Women) whose main objective would be to empower women (in Engels’s words) not to be “shut out from socially productive labor and restricted to private domestic labor.” In 1969, with Bernard Nathanson, Friedan started the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) which abortion was legalized 4 years later. Continue reading
  • Bill Clinton [ people ]

    The 42nd president of the United States and the second to be impeached. He is married to Hillary Clinton who was defeated in the 2016 election by Donald Trump. The corrupt Clinton political machine dominated Arkansas and the national Democratic Party for four decades. Both Clintons were deeply involved in the defunct Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal. The Clinton Foundation now serves as a slush fund for all sorts of nefarious activities globally. Bill Clinton was elected twice with pluralities in 1992 and 1996, he previously served as governor of Arkansas. His administration was characterized by rampant corruption abuse, sexual harassment and blackmail. Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives for obstruction of justice and perjury related to his sexual misconduct in office and abuse of women prior to taking office. The Senate failed to convict along party lines and he was found in contempt by a federal judge for lying and barred from ever practicing law again. Continue reading
  • Bob Woodward [ people ]

    Washington Post journalist who was heralded, along with son of communist spies, Carl Bernstein, for their reporting on Watergate. In actuality, they were controlled leakers for the CIA. Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) spotted a 2014 State Department email from SecState Hillary's aide Sid Blumenthal that was declassified and released in 2015. It states as a fact that Woodward has been an "FBI asset" since the days of Watergate. As a Navy Lt, he manned the Pentagon’s secret communications room, holding ‘top secret crypto’ security clearance,” and later lied to conceal his early ties to General Alexander Haig. In a replay of the Watergate coup to oust a US president, he again teamed with fellow imposter, Carl Bernstein, to try to oust a US president in the Trump Russiagate coup. In both instances the “unnamed source” leaking information to these two reporters turned out to be the Deputy Director of the FBI. Continue reading
  • Bruce Ohr [ people ]

    DOJ #4 in command under Deputy Assistant Attorney General Sally Yates until demoted upon discovery by the Inspector General of his role in creating the “salacious and unverified” Steele dossier and running a back channel between Steele, Fusion GPS (where his wife Nellie worked on the “Russia” project – helping create the “Steele dossier”), the FBI, and the DOJ—even long after the FBI “terminated” its relationship with Christopher Steele because he had lied to the FBI. He hid the fact that Fusion GPS, which performed that research at the DNC’s behest, was paying his wife. DOJ documents show he was given a $28,000 bonus during the Russiagate investigation – plus a raise after his demotion. Continue reading