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  • All About Me program [ education, social-engineering ]

    A new sex-ed curriculum unveiled in over 240 schools in the UK in 2019 that is institutionalized child sex abuse. As the Daily Mail reports, the All About Me program ...give(s) very young children “rules” for “touching yourself.” The Mail offers details about these rules: "Under a section called Touching Myself, teachers are advised to tell children that ‘lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice.’ They are also instructed to inform youngsters that this may include touching their ‘private parts’ and, that while some people may say this behaviour is ‘dirty,’ it is in fact ‘very normal.’" It gets worse: "...pupils are told that when a girl called Autumn ‘has a bath and is alone she likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice.’" The hands on program will encourage 6 and 7 year olds to experiment with themselves. Continue reading
  • Bible [ education ]

    The most valuable source of truth we have. Because of the powerful words of love, hope, peace, and comfort from the mighty author of all truth, the Bible has been the guide to billions of hearts and minds. It has taught & enlightened both learned and ignorant; comforted the sad & lonely; strengthened the weak; given direction and discipline to the lost and destitute; brought peace to the repentant; filled countless hearts with love & joy; & has been the hope of all generations - before, during, and after the lifetime of Jesus Christ. Thanks to the miracle of the King James Bible and men like Wycliff, Tynsdale, Purvey, Erasmus, Luther, Jerome, and others who sacrificed to translate and bring the word to the common people, we can continue to study and learn all we can (with our own Bibles) throughout our lives so that we can endure to the end, guard against the temptations of Satan and draw closer to Him daily. Continue reading
  • Common Core [ education ]

    Federally-led education introduced in the Obama administration’s 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“stimulus package”) through a contest called Race to the Top (RTTT). States could apply and compete for federal grant money. The final standards were finalized in June 2010. Introduced under the guise of fixing the broken education system that has dropped from 1st globally in 1945 where it long held the top spot, to nearly 40th globally today. Common Core was developed in elitist fashion, bankrolled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, presented as a fait accompli without public hearings and then pushed hard by the Obama administration…” While many teachers and parents have bought in to the government propaganda, It is a deliberate dumbing down of America, as Charlotte Iserbyt would say. Iserbyt was the Reagan admin whistleblower who struck a major blow to the technological forerunner to the tracking and data-mining age. She details in her books and videos how this is only the latest elitist-controlled system to create a dumbed-down, compliant workforce to make them more money in an overall elitist plan to control the entire world.Continue reading
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education [ education ]

    a well funded movement in the global public school system to impose an immoral worldview on children throughout the nation. It is not about preventing disease, but a social movement to change society through corrupting and sexualizing children.  Students as young as 5 are exposed to the most explicit and expansive forms of pleasure-based sex education. Instruction includes the right to sexual gratification, pleasure, exploration and experimentation. Masturbation, anal sex, oral sex, and abortion are taught and promoted. These concepts are not restricted to health class. It begins much earlier than 5th grade.  Comprehensive Sexuality Education is an attempt to rid society of all Judeo-Christian influence by mocking its  values and eliminating taboos and restrictions. Parents are minimized as the primary source to teach their children values. Children are taught from an early age to make their own sexual choices and decide how much risk they are willing to take. No judgements are allowed.  The bottom line is Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not about preventing disease or pregnancy, it’s about promoting sexual license without responsibility or consequence. Continue reading
  • Drag Queen Story Hour [ education, lgbtq, propaganda ]

    A well-planned, carefully-orchestrated offensive in which the LGBTQ Mafia has coordinated with its political and media allies such as Antifa, the SPLC, American Library Association, the establishment media, and other LGBTQ organizations to have drag queens read stories to children in libraries, schools, and other community spaces for about 45 minutes and are designed for children ages 3+ - all on the taxpayer dollar. A propaganda campaign that began in San Francisco, drag queens generally read 3–4 children's books, sings children's songs, and lead children in a craft activities, sometimes including dancing lessons - like twerking. Multiple drag queens have been exposed as convicted pedophiles and prostitutes and one goes by the alias 'Annie Christ'. Why is this allowed? Under the guise of teaching tolerance and giving confidence to questioning kids (a fraction of 1% of kids).Continue reading
  • Education System [ education ]

    While parents, schools, provinces and states across North America bicker about the democratic process of running public schools, forces are manipulating education from behind the scenes - sexualizing, dumbing down, and indoctrinating children as early as they can. Major international players are reshaping public education to suit their own self-serving agendas, without regard for the wants of parents and the welfare of their children. Compared to 34 other modernized countries, the United States (formerly ranked #1 in all) currently ranks 20th in literacy, 30th in math, 23rd in science out of 34 industrialized nations according to the recent report put out by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). (Source) The United States has fallen to rank 49th in life expectancy of 120 countries while maintaining the dubious rank of being number one in incarcerations, military spending, childhood obesity, hours of television watched, student debt and the highest national debt any country has ever incurred in history. These continual poor performance rankings persist despite spending more on education than any other country with the exception of Switzerland, who ranks in the top five in education. Continue reading
  • Gulen Schools [ businesses-organizations, education ]

    The Gulen charter schools, led by Fethullah Gulen and the CIA led Gulen movement, are the 2nd largest charter chain in the United States with 140 schools (early 2016) in 26 states (and several hundred throughout the world), and sell themselves to parents as a secular and more academically rigorous alternative to public schools. The truth, however, is that they teach Sharia law with almost exclusively Turkish radical teachers and the school is a CIA front organization receiving tens of millions in taxpayer dollars every year. Continue reading
  • Homeschool [ education ]

    the practice of students receiving education from a parent or guardian, or instructors acting under the direction of a parent or guardian, rather than from teachers in a formal school setting like a public school. Virtually every area of the United States has local support groups for homeschooling, which often meet in church facilities. Nearly 7% of college-educated parents homeschool their children. In the U.S., an estimated 2.3 million+ students are homeschooled, or nearly one out of every 30 students. Vaccination requirements, safety, dumbing down, indoctrination, bullying, aggressive sex ed programs and many concerns lead parents to consider homeschooling. The home-educated typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standardized academic achievement tests, are more involved in the community as adults, attend and succeed in college at a higher rate, and are more likely to adhere to family values than those who attend public school. Continue reading
  • Public schools [ education ]

    The arm of government with the most powerful influence in directing our culture — even more influential than the media. The public schools are guiding the morals, attitudes, knowledge and decision-making of 89% of American children. The public schools are financed by $500 billion a year of our money, forcibly taken from us in federal, state and local taxes, which the public school establishment spends under a thin veneer of accountability to school board members elected in government-run elections. Prior to the 1960s, public schools and teachers clearly accepted their role in defining the culture of the youngsters under their supervision. The public schools, using a McGuffey-Reader-style curriculum, were the mechanism through which American kids learned not only the basics, but also values such as honesty and patriotism, and immigrant kids assimilated by learning our language, laws and customs. Charlotte Iserbyt, Bella Dodd and others have exposed how the public education has been corrupted and communized over several decades of infiltration. Continue reading
  • Scopes Monkey Trial [ education, landmark-legal-cases, science ]

    This trial was an important educational milestone regarding the teaching of the theory of evolution in public schools. Scopes, who was conned into being the accused teacher (claims he never even taught the theory), pitted two famous barristers of the day—William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow—against each other. The basic argument of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the evolutionists’ was that evolutionary theory should not be censored from the public schools. The defense withdrew before the trial ended because they knew they were going to lose the trial, having just put the beloved Bryan on the stand to humiliate him and Christianity, also bowed out before he could be cross-examined.  Continue Reading...
  • Sex Education [ education ]

    The false philosophies on human sexuality that were developed based on Kinsey’s “sex research” have provided the foundation and rationale behind today’s comprehensive sexuality education programs that teach children of all ages they have a right to sexual knowledge and sexual pleasure. Kinsey’s “research” has also been widely used to liberalize laws restricting sexual behavior, to reduce punishments for sex offenders, and to promote masturbation, premarital sex, and homosexuality, among other things, as healthy and normal. However, it is now widely known that Kinsey’s research was fraudulent. Based in part on interviews with incarcerated criminals, prostitutes and pedophiles, rather than normal, healthy members of society, Kinsey claimed his findings applied to the general population. Continue reading
  • Sex Information and Education Council of the United States [ education ]

    An organization founded by Dr. Mary Calderone, the former medical director of Planned Parenthood, in NY in 1964 and funded by Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy, and that is influencing school systems all across America in sex education. Their philosophy was to break from traditional teachings on sex and make children think more sexually. Calderone stated: “Children are sexual and think sexual thoughts and do sexual things." The SIECUS curriculum initiates children into the ideas that homosexuality, bisexuality, and trans-sexuality are normal and healthy lifestyles, and that abortion is a convenient and acceptable method of birth control. Moreover, it is teaching your children that those who disagree with these views – even on religious grounds – are narrow-minded bigots on the fringe of society. It encourages children to shun the values of their parents if those values contradict those held by SIECUS. It was fostered by the editor, contributors and co-editors of a magazine called SEXOLOGY, a paperback that was considered pornography years ago, and these are the same people who are behind the sex education program in our public school system. Read More... Continue reading
  • Universities [ education ]

    Learning should be a lifelong mission. Universities used to be a good place to continue our education, but are they still? For doctors, lawyers, and scientists there is no getting around a college indoctrination. College used to look like a good “investment” because earning a degree was a competitive advantage in landing a job, but success always depended on personal performance rather than educational pedigree. Today, students leave college with relatively few job opportunities and often a distorted or ultra-liberal view of the world while incurring substantial debt. A study by USA Today and the non-profit Education Sector showed that 514 colleges are more likely to produce defaults in student loans than graduates. Continue reading
  • Wikipedia [ businesses-organizations, education ]

    Since its creation in 2001, Wikipedia has grown as the online phenomenon that apparently allows the truth to be managed democratically; however the CIA and powerful corporations and special interests have been caught paying PR firms or editing information themselves to further an agenda or create bias. The promise of accurate, neutral articles and privacy for contributors is just a mirage, according to insiders. They say they've been left battle-scarred after troubling personal encounters with the world's most popular encyclopedia.

    Recently, two trusted Wikipedia officials were exposed running businesses that covertly edited Wikipedia for PR clients. Interests for Sony, the CIA, the Vatican, Barack Obama and John McCain all reportedly have been caught secretly editing their own Wikipedia pages to their advantage.Continue reading