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Adam Back Invents Hashcash, a Proof-of-Work System that Inspired the One Bitcoin Uses to Mine New Coins
Well over a decade before Bitcoin ever came to fruition, British cryptographer Adam Back came up with an algorithm that would prove crucial to the digital currency. Specifically, in March 1997 he devised the “hashcash” proof of work data that inspired the system that Bitcoin uses to mine new coins. “To implement a distributed timestamp server on a peer-to-peer basis, we will need to use a ...
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Attorney Ted Strecker's Report "This is a Bio-Attack Alert" is Published. He and the IL Rep trying to Publicize it Would Die Mysteriously 2 Years Later
In his report published March 28, 1986 entitled, “This is a Bio-Attack Alert,” attorney Ted Strecker researched this information with his brother Robert B. Strecker, MD, Ph.D. This report was sent to the president of the United States, senators and congressmen and many publishing officials, including medical journals. Let me give you some quotes from this report: “I did not realize that the National Cancer Attack ...
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"The General Education Board" was Established by "Mr. Rockefeller... to Gain Control of the Educational Institutions of the Country"
Dr. W. J. Spillman, former chief of the Federal Farm Management Bureau of the Department of Agriculture, stated in a letter to the New York Globe: "Nine years ago I was approached by an agent of Mr. Rockefeller with the statement that his object in establishing the General Education Board was to gain control of the educational institutions of the country so that all men employed ...
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