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  • Zinc [ health ]

    An essential trace mineral, probably most widely known for the integral role it plays in your immune system and the prevention and treatment of the common cold. Aside from iron, zinc is the most common mineral found in your body, necessary for the function of every one of your cells. Zinc is used in the production of white blood cells, helping your body to fight infection, and plays a key role in regulating the way your heart muscle uses calcium to trigger the electrical stimulus responsible for your heartbeat.1 It's also one of the building blocks for approximately 3,000 proteins and 200 enzymes in your body. Recent research has now identified the role zinc plays in protecting your DNA.2 However, while essential, your body does not store zinc, so it is important you get enough from your dietary intake every day. Moreover, regularly getting too much can be just as hazardous as getting too little. Continue reading
  • Zofran [ big-pharma, health ]

    (ondansetron) is a nausea drug manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline that was originally approved for use in individuals who were undergoing surgery or chemotherapy. GSK also hailed it as the most-prescribed pharmaceutical treatment for morning sickness, which they pushed to doctors in spite of being unapproved for expectant mothers. Families of children who suffered birth defects (mental, cleft lips and palates, club foot, skull deformities, heart defects, stomach and hearing problems)2 after mothers took Zofran while pregnant have sued GSK over allegations that it marketed the drug to pregnant women without FDA approval and failed to warn about risks. They also allege the company misrepresented the results of animal studies, claiming the studies showed the drug was safe when they actually showed abnormal bone growth and signs of toxicity. Read More...